hey so I draw a lot of crap I never post here bc it would junk up the comic but I assume u guys would probably like to see some of it??
I think im gonna try to post everything ive drawn lately in a big block n then update this page kinda like a blog haha ;;
idk I have no idea what im doing lets just see how this goes :~)
click for bigger pics n if any links are wrong pls tell me!!

just some crap from a lil art meme I did
posted 5/20/14

sick baby in sick baby clothes :~3

sensei in swimwear HELL YAA

be careful theres a nsfw image at the end of this update :~)
posted 4/23/14

takumi flashing the buns in a sailor uniform!! for that art meme thing I was doing :-3

this is kinda poopy but heres sensei n takumi when they were both still part of their schools track team!! the body type difference is pretty severe here ahaha;; also takumis like a freshmen so hes 13 or 14 n senseis 24 ehe �������

just wanted to draw them banging hehe �¦���¦â�¥
that's all for now!! hope ya liked them ^O^ <33

from a dumb lil art meme I did
(click for bigger pics)
posted 4/14/14

in an outfit of mine n with fav animal

beat up, eating n wearing a silly hat :-3

sleeping, look at his stupid stuffed animals

from the last year or 2

cloudpaint drawin!!

Halloween & valentines

garbage bb

"u may have my jacket but u aint getting my cheesey fries"

smoochie u3u <33

ok so most of this is old n shit so sorry in advance ^o^;;
posted 4/14/14


oOoOoOohHh senseiiiiii

the way we all rly wanted this chapter to end

hell ya

submissive sensei aka 1 OF MY FAVORITE THINGS IVE EVER DRAWN


another one of my favs, hes totally texting sensei dggdfhfdfds

n this is a ugly lil comic I drew a while ago :;(���¢�¯�¿�½���©������´���¯���¹�¯�¿�½`���¢�¯�¿�½���©);: its kinda stupid but w/e (click for bigger)